Raspberry Cocoa Preserves

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Seedless Red Raspberries, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Cocoa, Lemon Juice
Net Wt. 9.6 Oz.(272 g)

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Seedless Oregon Red Raspberries with the right amount of organic raw pure cane sugar and a hint of Ghirardelli cocoa.  What a treat with its exquisite flavors!  Beyond delicious!

Try it on Chocolate Raspberry Crepes with whipped cream!  Add to Maple syrup for waffles or pancakes. Great on ice cream, yogurt or between cake layers. 

A treat to try:  Take your favorite flour tortilla or flat bread, add a slithering of Raspberry Cocoa Preserves, place chocolate chips or your favorite shaved chocolate on top of it, fold as you would a taco.  Place in your microwave for 10 seconds or heat on top of the stove.  Eat it!


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