Organic Fig Preserves


Organic Brown Turkey Figs, Organic Kadota Figs, Organic Sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Pectin.
9.5 Oz. (269 g)

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The blend of Kadota and Brown Turkey figs, grown organically in Northern California, give you fresh fig flavors. Our Brown Turkey figs imparts a nutty essence to our preserves while the Kadota adds a subtle honey tone and aroma. The California Kadota fig is an American version of the Italian Dattato fig.  It came to California by way of Mexico in 1769.  Our Brown Turkey fig were found and shared with us by the French Provence region.  Our fig preserve is smooth and sweet but not sugar sweet.   It is great for any breakfast, appetizer or as a glaze for your entree.

Caramelize sweet onions and mixing with our figs for a delicious accent to your cheese trays or grilled cheese sandwiches.                                                                  


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