Suggested Usages – Capsaicin Sensation

Suggested Usages - Capsaicin Sensation
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  1. Capsaicin Sensation
  1. Capsaicin Sensation™ is a jalapeno based marinade. Marinate fish, meat, pork, lamb, poultry or wild game in it. Use it as a rub or a marinade.
  2. Make an imitation pesto using your favorite greens (Kale, Swiss Chard, Cilantro, Parsley, Beet Greens, Chervil, Celery Leaves, Dandelion, Escarole) or a mixture of, fresh lime juice and Capsaicin Sensation. Place in a blender or food processor and puree. Add Lavender Pepper™, if you like. Use as a sauce over any fish, meat, poultry or tofu. Great as a dipping sauce for your fresh vegetables. Salad dressing with a kick. Use as a sauce for pasta or pasta salads. Dresses up you sandwich; add to mayonnaise, if you wish.
  3. Marinate shrimp in Capsaicin Sensation™, wrap with bacon and skewer for the grill. Be sure you soak you wooden skewers in water before you start, so they won’t burn on the grill. I start soaking the skewers and marinate the shrimp at the same time, so I don’t forget!!
  4. Use as a finishing sauce in your favorite stir fry. Add a little to give your stir fry a touch of sweet heat.
  5. Add equal amounts of Capsaicin Sensation™ and your favorite peanut butter for a peanut sauce. Use it as a salad dressing on an Asian salad. It is also a great peanut sauce or glaze for pork or chicken. Dip your lettuce wraps, egg rolls and Spring rolls in it.
  6. Add Apricot Preserves or Plum Preserves and equal amounts of Capsaicin Sensation™ for dipping sauces for wraps, egg or Spring rolls, fresh vegetables, meats, poultry or fish. Use as a sauce for fish tacos. Glaze your pork tenderloin or chicken with it. If you grill it, be sure to grill it on indirect heat so it won’t burn.
  7. Add it to mayonnaise or mustard for an added ZIP.
  8. Use it on sweet potato fries or with baked sweet potatoes.
  9. Put it on rice or noodles with a little soy sauce.
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