Spicy O’s™ Stuffed Shrimp

Spicy O’s™ Stuffed Shrimp
Serves 3
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  1. 12 Jumbo Shrimp (10-12 Count)
  2. 6 Strips Bacon Recipe of TVF cut in half
  3. 2 ½ Tbs. Terra Verde Foods Spicy O’s™ Plus additional to serve with shrimp.
  4. 4 Oz. Chevre (Soft Goat Cheese) at room temperature
  5. 1 Clove Garlic
  6. 1 Tbs. Cilantro (Italian parsley can be substituted)
  7. 4 Wooden skewers or vegetable grill plate
  1. Prepare charcoal grill or turn on gas grill to high. If using wooden skewers soak in water. Peel and devein shrimp, butterfly by slicing down back ¾ way through shrimp (side where vein was removed), rinse and set aside in bowl with ice. Mince garlic, cilantro and Spicy O’s, mix with goat cheese in small bowl until well combined. Fill each shrimp with ½ Tbs. of goat cheese mixture. Wrap each shrimp with ½ slice of bacon, secure with skewer (3-6 shrimp per skewer
  2. Grill over high heat 2/3 minutes per side. Do not over cook! Serve with Rice and additional Spicy O’s™. Smaller shrimp can be substitute, you will need to adjust the amount of bacon, you need it long enough to wrap and secure the shrimp.
  3. Hint: If you have a vegetable grill tray, skip the skewers, secure the bacon with toothpicks and cook on the tray.
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