“The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” ~Rajneesh

I love, understand and have experienced  that quote but I need to expand on it.  I have been called “Mother” by many different people.  I have called many different women “Mother”.  “Mothers” come in all different kinds of relationships. You learn how to be a “Mother” by the ones around you.  We are raised by a community.  You do not have to give birth to be a “Mother”.  Sometimes you have given birth but you cannot be a “Mother”.  That’s alright; at least you knew to pass it on to someone else for the betterment of your child.  That is being a “Mother”.   Not all “Mothers” are good Mothers but they teach you what not to do.  There are no set rules to follow.  The key denominators of being a “Mother” are love, patience, observance, encouragement, sacrifice, strength and understanding.  I am sure I could fill this page with other attributes.

 ”Mother” is precious word to me.  I was blessed with one of the best!  Her example has leaded me down the roads I have traveled.  They have made me what I am today and I know she is proud of me and what I have become and achieved.  Most of all, I think she approved of the Mother I became.

I was not the easiest child to guide.  I had and have a mind of my own. (Just ask my Husband.) I love life and am always on an adventure.  I was a giving child but I was also a taker.  I got away with what I thought I could.  I grew up in a small town in the business community.  My Mothers friends were my “Mothers”.  I got along with adults better than my piers until I got into grade school and found friendships that have lasted many years.  Many of my friends are some of my “Mothers” because I have learned some of my attributes and experiences with them.  Many of their “Mothers” were my “Mothers”. Sometimes my daughters are more of a Mother to me than I am to them.  It works both ways! I keep gathering “Mothers” and I hope I never stop because they are so special and each one has so much to share. 

I wish all of your and my “Mothers” a wonderful Mother’s Day this weekend.  Celebrate, your deserve it!!

Below are my thoughts of Mothers.

MMuch love to give.  It doesn’t matter how many children you have gathered, there is always enough love to go around.

O – Others.   You think of others and their feelings or circumstances before you think of yourself.

T – Teacher.  You plant the seeds.  You teach the small things that are important to life’s challenges and the larger outlooks that will help your children throughout their life.

H – Heart.  Your heart is so big that you can encompass the world one community at a time.

E – Eternity.  Your love last an eternity, while you are with us and after you have left us.  You do not go away.

R – Rare.  You are so valuable because you are a rare bred giving of yourself, unselfishly.

I love you, Momma!

Sandi Sabel

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