Father’s Day

Blog June 15, 2016

Father’s  Day, June 19, 2016

He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
Clarence Budington Kelland, writer

Happy Father’s Day!!

I have always been thankful for the relationship I had with my Farther and also my children’s relationship with him.  He, side by side with my Mother, was an inspiration to me to be anything I wanted to be and to not be stopped by the fear of failure.  He amazed me with his energy.  He was resourceful, smart and loving.   He was a good business man and provider but he always had time to laugh and talk with me.  He taught me how to be a business woman as the bottom line goes but he also taught me to respect others, learn and listen to new and different ideas and always to be open to new adventures.  Thanks Dad!  I am so lucky to have had him as my Dad.

Father’s Day as a national holiday had a hard time getting started.  There were several failed attempts of celebrating Father’s Day before the June 19, 1910 event in Spokane, Washington promoted by Sonora Smart Dodd at the YMCA .  Her farther William Jackson Smart was a civil war veteran and a single parent that raised six children and she wanted to have a holiday to express her thanks to all fathers.  During the 1920 the event lost much of the support but Dodd regrouped in the 1930’s with the manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes and other traditional presents for fathers.  By 1938 she had the support of Father’s Day Council, founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers to commercialize the promotions of Father’s Day.  This was met with much resistance from the men.  They felt it was too commercialized.  They worked hard for their money, expecially in the depression era, and didn’t want to spend it unnesserally.  The women and children did want them to realize that they were appreciated for the responsibility, hard work and care their role as the head of the family entailed.

A bill was introduced in Congress in 1913.  In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson spoke at the Spokane Father’s Day celebration and wanted to make it official, but Congress resisted, fearing that it would become commercialized.  President Calvin Coolidge recommended in 1924 that the day be observed by the nation, but didn’t issue a national proclamation.  Two earlier attempts to formally recognize the holiday had been defeated by Congress.  In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day.  Six years later, the day was made a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

I am so glad it finally made it to a national holiday.  Dads deserve it!  Let’s face it…we would not be here if it were not for them.  Just like I said on Mother’s Day…our Dad might not be biological but we have all been influenced by a ”Dad” figure in our lives.  I am so proud of the love, guidance and involvement I see in my son and sons-in-law with their children. 


Celebrate a holiday you have well deserved, Dads!   I hope each of you have a wonderful day!


Good eating,


Sandi Sabel

Terra Verde Foods

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