Organic Food Producers

Terra Verde Foods is a small family owned and operated specialty foods business.

In 1996, we began as an organic farm in Fredericksburg, Texas, the heart of the Texas Hill Country. We supplied farmers’ markets and restaurants in Austin and surrounding areas with our organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Our interest in food and cooking led to our Artisan Food line that began as a way to use our “uglies” (the produce left behind after all of our “pretties” sold at the farmer’s markets) and became the mainstay of our operations. One of our daughters was fond of saying “Beauty is skin deep…..flavor goes all the way to the taste buds”.

In 2004 we sold the farm and moved our artisan food business west. Our operations continued to grow and prosper in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix and Rimrock, AZ. In 2011 we expanded into California. We spent time in the Bay Area and California Wine Country but found our home in San Diego County. We are enjoying the “Fun in the Sun” and the healthy lifestyle. You will find us at Farmers’ Markets in San Diego and Phoenix, art, craft and culinary events in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest and we are always available on our website.

Terra Verde Foods’ specialty products are hand made in small batches from recipes that have been in our family for generations and new ones we developed from scratch. We want you to remember what a ripe apricot, blackberry or tomato tastes like. Our artisan foods enable you to close your eyes and remember Aunt Annie’s Wild Plum Preserves, Grandma’s “tomato gravy” or that juicy, plump, fresh picked blackberry you snuck into your mouth instead of putting in your pail.
The first ingredient on our labels is always a fruit or vegetable. Minimal sugar is added to our products. Several have no sweetener added at all. All our products are gluten and soy free; vegan but we are carnivore friendly. We only use natural ingredients… no artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors. Your first and last impression of Terra Verde Foods’ is the taste of tree/vine ripe fruit or fresh vegetables.

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